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Banana Moon Lower Sundon, Bedfordshire

Lower Sundon, Bedfordshire

It was with great excitement and enthusiasm that I launched myself into the world of Banana Moon, helping to create a safe and stimulating setting for your children.

The idea of providing a nurturing environment, where parents know their children are being cared for, played with and entertained had been on my wish-list for a while, and I am thrilled that it has become a reality.

‘Sun’s out, out you go‘ was a regular refrain from my own childhood (I’m not sure the sun was always shining actually!) and I’ve followed that principle with my own family. At Lower Sundon we have all the welly-time and picnic time we could wish for, in a lush space which belongs to us: the parents, staff and of course the children living the Banana Moon life.

We intend to uphold the high standards of Banana Moon’s childcare provision, where your children’s well-being, happiness and best interests will be at the heart of everything we do.

Please feel free to contact the nursery to make an appointment and to view the excellent facilities first hand.


Susie Glenister – Director

Ofsted Report

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